Year 12 Mock External Exams



In preparation for External Exams in term 4, 2021, Year 12 students completing General subjects will be completing Mock External Exams. These exams are designed to recreate the setting and circumstance of QCAA delivered External Exams, as well as provide students with meaningful feedback leading in to their final piece of assessment.


Mock External Exams delivered on Friday August 27 through to Thursday September 2, will be external block exams for all Year 12 students. This means that all Year 12 students will only attend the College for their dedicated Exams or VET certificate catch-up sessions. VET Certificate catch-up sessions will run in iServices for all students who are behind on their VET subjects. Students required for this catch-up will be sent an email prior to the Mock External Exam block detailing which subjects they behind in. Students will be required to attend the College every day until they are up to date with their VET work.


Mock External Exams delivered on Monday September 6 through to Wednesday September 8 will be internally delivered, which means that students will attend their normal timetabled classes except if they have a timetabled exam. Students who have an exam at this time will come out of their timetabled classes to attend their nominated exam at the required date and time and will return to class once they are complete.


External exams are worth either 25% or 50% (General Math and Science subjects) towards a student's overall grade for a subject. All students completing a General Subject will know their exact grades leading in to their external exam from their report cards at the end of term 3. This information, combined with the results and feedback from their Mock External exam, gives students as well as Parents/Caregivers a clear indication of their progress.


Please see below the Directions for Students as well as the Student Equipment List. Students will need to bring all QCAA recommended equipment to their exam in a clear plastic bag to successfully complete their Mock External Exams. Please read these carefully as they are the same instructions that will apply to students during their External Exams in term 4.


Additionally, some students will also require calculators for their exams. All calculators must be cleared prior to their Mock External Exams and their External Exams. Students will be required to clear their calculators outside of the exam room and show the exam administrator this has been completed prior to entering the exam room. Instructions for clearing calculators are below.


It is important that students are present at the College on the day of the date and time of their Mock External Exam. As per the assessment policy in the diary (page 14), an AARA will need to be completed if your child is absent and they will be required to sit a comparative assessment.


Through the Mock External Exams, Year 12 Students completing General subjects have been presented with a valuable opportunity for experience and feedback.  It is important that students treat the Mock External Exams as they would their External Assessment so they can gain effective feedback leading in to their External Exams. Students should also be aware of, and experience, the stringent conditions attached to External Exams so they are prepared for Term 4. For further information about conditions and expectations for students during External and Mock External Exams, please refer to the Directions for Students below.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Lexie Buswell Deputy Principal, Senior Schooling on 07 3490 3222 or on ​

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Last reviewed 16 August 2021
Last updated 16 August 2021