Junior secondary


​Our Junior Secondary consists of Year 7, 8 and 9 where students study the Australian Curriculum (ACARA). Murrumba SSC was the first secondary site in Queensland to introduce Year 7 into the Junior Secondary model of High School. Our best practice model for supporting, nurturing and challenging our younger students is the envy of many other schools and positions our students perfectly to achieve outstanding outcomes as they move through school.

Year 7 and 8 operate in a specific Junior Schooling model with core teachers engaged in their learning for English, Humanities, Maths, and Science. They also participate in other subjects with specialist teachers.

Year 9 students follow the ACARA in the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, Humanities and HPE but also have a choice of elective subject offerings outlined below to specialise in areas of interest.

  • Industrial Technologies Design
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Fashion and Design
  • Specialist Mathematics
  • Visual Art
  • Visual Art Extension
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Dance Extension
  • Drama
  • Food Studies
  • HPE Extension
  • Spanish
  • Entrepreneurship Education
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Media Arts

Roar Program – Student Wellbeing

ROAR at Murrumba will provide all of our Junior Secondary students with the opportunity to engage in the development of their physical wellbeing, social and emotional learning as well as writing, problem solving and 21st century skills. We aim to promote a positive College climate, connectedness, global citizenship and wellbeing of students. This program will ensure all Junior Secondary students feel a sense of belonging within the College in order to truly engage them with Learning for Life.

Roar is a three year program that runs from Year 7 through to Year 9.  Each year students will engage in learning from three key areas (Emotional Me, Bigger than Me, and Physical Me) all focussed on promoting positive student wellbeing:

Emotional Me

Emotional Me is focussing on Social-Emotional Learning to help build “good humans". The program is based around the Australian Curriculum for Personal and Social Capability and explores a wide range of content including recognising and demonstrating appropriate emotions, self-perceptions, beliefs and personal identity. Through a range of activities, students learn about and practice techniques for managing anger, anxiety and stress. Through Emotional Me, students will also investigate topics such as diversity, self-discipline, empathy and respect. The course is developmental and topics are built on each year to provide opportunities to explore these topics in greater depth and apply learnings to real-life situations such as finding and keeping a job, navigating personal and family relationships and managing times of high stress.

Bigger Than Me

Bigger than Me is a program designed to gain an understanding of global issues facing the world around them. Students w​ill learn a range of leadership and problem solving skills that will equip them with the ability to think critically, speak their mind, and be encouraged to make a difference. During the program students will look at a number of case studies and apply different skills to determine possible outcomes to the scenarios. Students will have the opportunity to explicitly learn and practise 21st Century skills and be creative in their approach to problem solving and developing a Growth Mindset.

Physical Me

Physical Me is a program created to engage students in gaining an understanding of real life health issues and topics of concern to those throughout their adolescent years. Such topics will be covered through classroom activities and projects where students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in creating solutions that can be implemented in day to day life as well as in the community to address health concerns. Students will engage in a variety of physical activities that help to promote one's general health including fitness for fun, sport games, flexibility and physical challenges. 

Academy Programs

Please refer to the Academy Programs tab listed under Curriculum.

Students who began an Academy Program will continue this throughout Junior Secondary. If a student wishes to withdraw from one of these programs, a parent/caregiver is required to make an appointment with the respective Academy Coordinator/Leader of Learning who will inform them of the necessary steps required in order for their child to withdraw from the program.​​

Last reviewed 14 July 2021
Last updated 14 July 2021