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​College Procedures

If I have been absent from the College

I need to bring a note signed by my parent or caregiver. The note needs to clearly explain my absence.

If I am late for school

I report directly to administration to obtain a late pass. I then go directly to class and give the teacher the late pass.

If I am late to class

I need a note from the teacher who detained me and give this to my teacher.

If I need to leave school early

I need to bring a note signed by my parent or guardian. The note needs to clearly explain the reason for my leaving early departure.

This note needs to be presented to the College administration before the school day commences.  This will be entered into Compass for the teacher to see.  Alternatively, your parent can log into Compass and enter the details so that your teacher can see the time you are being picked up so you can go to the administration building at the time of pick up to meet your parent.

If I need to leave the classroom during class time

It is my responsibility to use the toilets during break time.

In case of emergency or if you need to leave the classroom for any other reason, you need to complete the student movement page in the back of your Planner and have your teacher sign it. You must then take your Planner with you when you leave the classroom.

If I feel sick or have an accident

If I have an accident, I must report to the nearest teacher for help. If I feel sick, I must inform my teacher who will complete the student movement page in my Planner and I will go to sick bay with all of my belongings.

My parents will be contacted if I need to go home.

Assessment Policy 

The College will:

  • Provide students with a semester Assessment Calendar.
  • Provide students and parents with a College Planner with the Assessment Policy included.

Teacher will notify students of an assignment in writing including the following information:

  • Clear and specific statement of the assigned task.
  • Availability and location of resources.
  • Length, structure, time, method of presentation, etc.
  • Specific dates for presentation of drafts and final copy.
  • The standards required for a specific level of achievement, including evaluation criteria.

Students will:

  • Present only their work for assignments (see section on plagiarism).
  • Make full use of the class time provided to work on the assignment as work done will contribute to their level of achievement if the assignment is not handed in on time.
  • Present their draft and final copy of assignments by the due dates.
  • Complete and attach the assignment task sheet.
  • Use the College’s standard system of referencing as described in the Student Planner.


Plagiarism is the use of another person’s ideas, work, or research data and representing them as your own, without acknowledgement. The College forbids plagiarism as it is dishonest, unethical and may be illegal. It is regarded as a serious act of academic misconduct.

Plagiarising includes:

  • Word for word copying of sentences or whole paragraphs from one or more sources such as books, articles, internet sites, without referencing.
  • Using very close paraphrasing of sentences or whole paragraphs without due acknowledgement in the form of reference to the original work.
  • Submitting another student’s work in whole or in parts.
  • Submitting work which has been written by someone else (including family members) on a student’s behalf.
  • Collaboration on a piece of work designed for individual assessment by two or more students to produce a common product.

Whilst the use of technology is encouraged, students need to be aware that the rules relating to plagiarism equally extend to the use of electronic and communication technologies, i.e. internet, films, television, broadcasts, and images, such as computer art and photographs.

A student found guilty of deliberately giving another student his/her work is also guilty of academic misconduct and may be subject to penalty.

Teachers shall report the plagiarism to the Leader of Learning who will:

a) Set additional/alternative academic work for assessment;

b) Exclude the plagiarised section of work in determining the grade.


All written assignments must be submitted to the teacher by 2:45pm on the due date. If the teacher is absent on the due date, the assignment must be given to the Leader of Learning by 2:45pm on the due date.

If an assignment is not submitted on or before the due date, a draft mark will be given if no medical certificate is supplied. The student will still be required to submit the completed overdue assessment piece. If no draft was submitted the criteria sheet should reflect any evidence (including documentation and observations) collected by the teacher by the due date.

Students should retain a copy of the submitted assignment to ensure that if the assignment is misplaced a copy is available.

Class Orals

On the first day class orals begin, all students must submit a copy of the notes/palm cards they intend to use for their presentation. This makes the preparation time more equitable for all students. In the case of group orals where absence occurs, the group is to complete the task with a substitute who works from the group script. Group members will be individually assessed on that performance. To ensure ease of access by a substitute, all group members must keep a copy of the whole group script. On the first date of return, the absent student is expected to complete the oral, with other group members merely supporting the process.

In the case of absence due to illness or injury, assessment (including assignments and notes/palm cards for oral presentations etc.) must be submitted by the due date to the College either electronically or in person. In extreme cases where assessment is not able to be submitted by the due date, a medical certificate must be provided.

Exam Procedures

All students are required to attend the formal scheduled block exams and in-class scheduled assessment.

For students absent from scheduled block exams and in-class scheduled assessment in Senior Secondary (Years 10-12), supporting documentation for illness is a valid medical certificate. For students in Junior Secondary (Years 7-9), a letter or phone call from a parent is sufficient.

Students absent from assessment will, upon return to College, be required to complete the block exam or in-class scheduled assessment.

Enrolment Package Policies

Please read these policies thoroughly before completing the application for enrolment.

Student Code of Conduct

Media consent form

Enrolment agreement

Student dress code

ICT Acceptable Use Policy

Mobile and electronic devices policy

Complaints Management Policy

Learning and Wellbeing Case Study

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Last updated 19 April 2022