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$2759.39 worth of Digital tools for free!​

In response to the changing requirements of the curriculum and the rapidly shifting technological landscape, Murrumba State Secondary College has been focused on providing the best opportunity for students to engage in digital learning through the BYOD (Bring YourOwn Device) program.  Furthermore, developing contemporary 21st Century skills is a priority of both the Department of Education and Training (DET) and the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) in the curriculum.  The priority details skills such as investigating, creating, communicating and operating using ICT’s that are embedded into a range of curriculum areas in order to skill the students for the 21st Century.

We highly recommend parents/caregivers view the iPad Resources and iPad Usage information on the MSSC website for set up and use of iPads at Murrumba State Secondary College. To connect to the college network the BYOD Acceptable Use form needs to be completed and returned to iServices.​

ICT Acceptable Use Agreement Form and Third Party Online Services Consent Form

The ICT Acceptable Use Agreement Form outlines the College policy and guidelines when accessing and using the school network.   The Third Party Online Services Consent Form requests consent to use third party web based, cloud and/or app services to improve learning opportunities at the college, a full list of websites is shown on on our Website Risk Review Register.  Both require signatures from parents/caregivers and students can return these forms to the College Administration Block (A Block) or iServices.​

The following information outlines the BYOD program for parents/caregivers and students.


NOTE: As some Android tablets meet the requirements of the BYOx Connect tool, we do not recommend it, as the Department of Education cannot effectively support them. Chromebooks are an unsupported device.​

The College have worked with suppliers Apple, JB HiFi, HP & Datacom to provide our students with competitive education pricing whilst also providing Support, Warranty & Finance solutions. The portals provide a range of devices that meet our minimum specifications, suitable for the BYOD program for Year 7 to 12.

Note: Datacom Access Code & Password: mssc

Note: JB HiFi School Code: mssc2020



NOTE:  Parents/caregivers are not required to purchase through these suppliers and can purchase from any retailer or use an existing device that meets the minimum specifications.
The College recommends that a device be chosen that meets the minimum specifications below and enables suitability for curriculum based activities.  Student subject choices and interests should be considered when deciding on a device.  Other considerations (for example: amount of typing, multitasking and handwriting recognition) when choosing between an iPad, Windows device (ChromeBook, Surface RT or Windows 10 S not supported) or a MacBook is outlined in the MSSC Student BYOD Charter Agreement on the College website.
Recommended specifications are the minimum requirements if a student chooses the following subjects due to the use of software required for these courses: 
  •  Technology subjects - Graphics & Digital Solutions  
  •  Creative Industries subjects - Visual Art and FTVNM

NOTE: It is also strongly recommended that the device be added to home and contents insurance to cover it from accidental damage.



Software installation, with the exception of software packages distributed by Murrumba SSC, is the responsibility of the student/parents. Valid licenses are required for all software present on your device. Murrumba SSC, in conjunction with Department of Education & Training (DET) has negotiated a number of software deals for BYO devices, which students/parents can take advantage of.​ ​ 

Microsoft Office 2016

All Queensland state school students can now download multiple free copies of the latest Microsoft Office to their personal home computers and mobile devices.  

Ask your child to follow these simple steps to get Office:


  • For tablets and smartphones, download from your app store and sign in with your school email address. 
Adobe Cloud Suite
Murrumba State Secondary College purchases an annual subscription through the DET Enterprise Agreement for Adobe Creative Cloud Complete Desktop apps suite, which enables the CC Design and Web Desktop apps to be installed on all student BYOD devices.
NOTE: These are not cloud-based programs, and need to be installed on the hard drive of laptops. The programs are not suitable to be used on mobile devices such as iPads.
Previous versions of Adobe software must be uninstalled before attempting to install the software
2018 Adobe CC Design and Web Desktop Apps 
The Adobe programs are free and further information regarding each program within the Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 Suite can be found on the Adobe website​.  All students wishing to install the software are to request it through the IT department in iServices.
2018 Adobe CC Complete Master Collection
Year 10 -12 students wishing to install the full Creative Cloud Master Collection suite on their BYOD device will be required to pay $20.  All students wishing to install the software are to request it through the IT department in iServices. 
NOTE: A Minimum of 256GB storage is recommended for the Adobe Master Collection Suite.
NOTE: Adobe 2019 Apps will be available from Term 2, 2019.
NOTE: Master Collection purchases have finished for 2018 and will commence early 2019.
Windows Defender Antivirus
Windows Defender comes built-in to Windows 8 & 10, and automatically scans programs you open, downloads new definitions from Windows Update, and provides an interface you can use for in-depth scans. Best of all, it doesn’t slow down your system, and mostly stays out of your way—which we can’t say about most other antivirus programs.​​
Symantec Nortons Security with Backup 

The Department of Education and Training has negotiated with Symantec to offer state school students discounted anti-virus software.  Students can log into the Learning Place to find out more.  Look for the ‘Exclusive security offer’.

It is mandatory that all students have antivirus software on their BYOD device.​ 

Information & Communication Technology Acceptable Use

Students are responsible for all activities carried out on their personal network account.

General Network Responsibilities – Students will NOT:
  • Share their password with anyone else
  • Use another student’s network account
  • Allow another student to use their account
  • Attempt to change the network in any way
  • Install/use any software other than that provided by the College
  • Attempt to bypass security
  • Store inappropriate material in their network account (e.g. non-program related files, .exe files, personal files, games) 
​For more information email:​

Last reviewed 30 July 2020
Last updated 30 July 2020