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Spanish Immersion


What is an Immersion Program?

An Immersion Program provides acceleration students with the deepest possible exposure to a second language and culture. In the program:

  • English-speaking students in Years 8-10 receive 50% of the curriculum in the second language
  • Key Learning Areas such as Maths, SOSE and Food Technology Studies, are taught in the second language.


Immersion programs develop:

  • a very high level of language proficiency, linguistic skills and intercultural understanding
  • cognitive processes needed in other areas of learning
  • resilience and confidence through personal enrichment and challenges
  • enhanced listening and thinking skills
  • improved study skills, self-discipline, motivation and confidence
  • more flexible and creative problem-solving skills
  • an increased understanding of how languages work, including an improved understanding of the English language
  • improved career and travel opportunities both in Australia and overseas
  • a positive group identity leading to improved relationships amongst students and also their teachers
  • strong partnerships with parents, teachers & the wider community
  • effective life learning experiences
  • understanding of others & raises awareness of other cultures.

What personal characteristics make a successful Immersion learner?

Students gain greatest success from an Immersion Program if they exhibit the following personal characteristics:
  • enthusiastic participants and learners
  • motivated to achieve
  • self-confident and self-disciplined
  • high level of perseverance
  • able to be flexible
  • enjoys a challenge
  • demonstrated ability in literacy and numeracy
  • committed and capable of developing independent learning skills

Why Spanish Immersion?

  • After English, Spanish is the fastest growing European language. It is currently the third most spoken language in the world with over 450 million Spanish speakers in the world.
  • Develop personal growth with skills to be a global citizen.
  • Increase ability to communicate with other people.
  • Murrumba State Secondary College is committed in providing students with a world-class education. The Spanish Immersion Program establishes our ongoing commitment to innovatively enrich student-learning areas and support their success.
  • Future Pathways for Murrumba SSC Immersion students will include undertaking Spanish Extension in Year 11 & 12, attending head start University courses or studying abroad.
  • Offers an exciting opportunity to reach high level of academic achievement & participation.