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Spanish Acceleration


​What is the Spanish Acceleration Program?

  • The program allows selected students to study Spanish Acceleration at year 7 leading to an intensive Spanish Immersion program across years 8 to 10.
  • The program will equip students to excel in QSA LOTE and further their study skills in the area.
  • Spanish Acceleration is offered at MSSC as part of our innovative programs for year 7 students to increase proficiency and maximise opportunities and participation.
  • The program establishes our ongoing commitment to enrich student learning areas.

What does the Spanish Acceleration Program Offer?

In addition to their compulsory LOTE (Spanish) class, Acceleration students will also learn History in Spanish (at least 50% of the course). Students will have the opportunity to explore history in Spanish and English, developing high levels of language proficiency.

  • The program will offer a greater depth of exposure to the study of language, culture and Studies of Society and Environment.
  • Challenging opportunities that nurture independent learning.
  • Establishing effective life learning experiences.
  • The program provides students with opportunities to gain proficiency across the four macro-skills: Speaking; Listening; Reading and Writing in the target language and improved understanding of the English language

What makes a successful Acceleration Learner?

Students gain greatest success from the Spanish Acceleration Program if they exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Enthusiastic learners
  • Studious and motivated participants
  • Self-confident & self-disciplined
  • Resilient learners
  • Enjoy a challenge
  • Committed and be capable of independent learning.

Why Study Spanish Acceleration?

  • Spanish is easier to learn due to the similarity of cognates found in both English and Spanish. 60% of English words originate from Greek or Latin roots.
  • Spanish is the fastest growing language after English.
  • There are 450 million Spanish speakers around the world and it is increasingly popular in universities.
  • Greater travel and study abroad opportunities
  • Having the skills of understanding and speaking a second language will increase employment opportunities in Australia and abroad, as well as learning other languages.
  • Speaking another language equips students with the skills to be global citizens
  • Personal enrichment and challenge.
  • Develops cognitive skills needed in other areas such as problem solving skills.