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Student Management Update


​Resilience is a College Value clearly demonstrated by the students at our College. It is all about conquering adversity and overcoming challenges. Resilience is a skill which, when developed by students, will see them conquer life’s challenges, frustrations and fears. Students overcome self-doubts, challenging themselves to try new ideas and see how they really relate to the world. It is easy to give up, but our students discover that life is more than that. It is about conquering fears – and then feeling amazing that those fears are overcome. Whether those fears are a fear of failure or a fear of public speaking, conquering those fears builds the skill of Resilience which truly prepares them for life.

Murrumba students conquer their fears daily by giving everything a go and asking for help when they need it. They take risks with their learning while actively seeking to improve. They understand that making mistakes and giving it another go is all part of learning. Our students know their strengths and weaknesses, but also know that they are supported to extend themselves and their skills. Ask your son or daughter what goals they have set for themselves this term and how they will achieve them. You may find that the ensuing discussion will cause them to be even more engaged in their learning, while you get a better understanding of their life at Murrumba.